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5 Badass Classic Off-Roaders You Can Buy for Under $10k

Blasting around off-road is all sorts of fun, but honestly, why would anyone want to spend ridiculous sums of money on a pristine ride that's sole purpose is to thrash around in the dirt? OK, sure, you want something that's classic, too. That's where these five come in. They're all classic and perfectly capable if you're not ready to turn around where the pavement ends. Even better, they're currently for sale for less than $10,000.

1977 Jeep Wagoneer

Price: $6,900
The Wagoneer's self-evident classic-ness isn't the most unique thing here, nor is the 350cid Chevy V8 under the hood that provides more than enough torque to get yourself out of whatever ditch you'll invariably find yourself in. Instead, it's the original Wood. No, not the poplar stripe on the side. Wood, as in Rutledge Wood, whom the seller claims was the previous owner.

1973 Volkswagen Thing

Price: $6,000
The Thing has one of the all-time worst names any vehicle has ever been given... or the best, depending on your personal worldview. Regardless, the descendent of one of Germany's WWII-era military vehicles is the closest thing you can get to a bare-bones European Jeep without spending sums of money much more outlandish than the Thing's name.

1984 Nissan Patrol

Price: $9,500
The most amazing thing about this Nissan Patrol is that... it's a Nissan Patrol. As a non-US-market SUV, it was the chief rival of the Toyota Land Cruiser. This particular one lived most of its life in South Africa before being brought to America for a fairly thorough restoration. It's not only capable, but you're pretty much guaranteed to never see another on the street.

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Price: $8,750
Forgive the photo on this one -- when you find an FJ40 that's in driving condition for less than $10,000, you don't get picky with photos. Besides, the patina on this bad boy is just about perfect for weekend cruising, and you don't have to worry if you kick a few rocks up onto the paint.

1971 Volkswagen Baja Bug

Price: $7,000
The Baja Bug is kinda the Beetle that everyone wanted as a kid, isn't it? Everything about it screams carefree fun, and its reliability is legendary -- or, at least its ability to be fixed with ridiculous ease no matter where on Earth you are.

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Aaron Miller is the Cars editor for Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter. He wants that Patrol in a bad way.