12 Hilariously Dumb Car Modifications People Actually Do

It's a free country, and you have the constitutional right to modify your car however you wish. That doesn't mean you should though. The vast majority of car mods make you look like a complete jackass. Seriously, you can spend all day on Reddit's Shitty_Car_Mods and lose your faith in humanity.

Or you can go to Instagram and do the same thing. Enjoy.


A photo posted by Zach (@zachcavs) on

A Tron-like BMW

When you like Tron a little too much...

... and you really don't care what anyone else thinks.


A photo posted by Keegan Buppert (@keegans_jdm_tc) on

Don't ever do this to your car.

The overcompensating shift handle

Gotta love the Crown Royal bag doubling as a shift boot for extra credit on this one.


A photo posted by @odd_mods on

Stance is a horrible thing

No, this car isn't broken

The owner's brain? Yeah, probably.

Nice cardboard?

When you have a brilliant idea after watching a Fast & Furious marathon

Just because you can Duck it, doesn't mean you should.


#roadtrip #canary #car #carmods #honda

A photo posted by Evaldas (@evaldas.kan) on

Horrendous hood ornament

Fun fact: hood ornaments become lethal projectiles in accidents

Naturally, you should choose the sharpest one you can find.


A photo posted by Brayton Dyck (@428_phoenix) on

Vodka bottle radiator reservoir

At least this is classier than redneck engineering

He could've used a beer bottle...


A photo posted by @odd_mods on

Why not?

I mean, the license plate has a point

You can do whatever you want to your own property... that doesn't mean we can't laugh at its stupidity.

Does this truck remind you of SNL?

If you feel ambiguous about this truck, this is why


A photo posted by Boost Jenner (@boostjenner) on

Pirate Fiat

Dude, you turned your Fiat into a pirate


A photo posted by Heidi Rettig (@heidirettig) on

Horrible alignment on a 4Runner

Sometimes, people have trouble estimating the width of things...

It's not the most symmetrical vehicle ever made, is it?

Trunk Fail

This isn't how you El Camino-ize a car


A photo posted by @odd_mods on

WTF is this?

Yeah, I don't know either

Actually, the really sad thing here is that this was probably incredibly expensive to put together.

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Aaron Miller is the Cars editor for Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter and Facebook. As long as he lives, he'll never understand the appeal of "stanced" cars.