12 Hilariously Dumb Car Modifications People Actually Do

Published On 07/19/2016 Published On 07/19/2016
A Tron-like BMW | Instagram/@johnny_marko
Don't ever do this to your car. | Instagram/Keegan Buppert
Stance is a horrible thing | Instagram/odd_mods
Nice cardboard? | Instagram/Ricky Retardo

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A photo posted by Evaldas (@evaldas.kan)

Horrendous hood ornament | Instagram/Evaldas
Vodka bottle radiator reservoir | Instagram/Brayton Dyck
Why not? | Instagram/odd_mods
Does this truck remind you of SNL? | Instagram/Ricky Retardo
Pirate Fiat | Instagram/Boost Jenner
Horrible alignment on a 4Runner | Instagram/Heidi Rettig
WTF is this? | Instagram/odd_mods



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