Finally a good reason to own a Jeep Wrangler

A slide-on, pop-up fiberglass mod that attaches to the rear of any Wrangler, the Jeep Action Camper will Winnebago your MacGyver-mobile with appliances, running water, storage, and a got-damn king-size bed, because, as its Arizona-based developer purports, you never know when you might need to "sleep during a sandstorm", unless your dormmate is a Finnish dude with a mouth glowstick, then you do sorta know. A ballerness rundown:

  • Vertical clearance of 6'3" when popped up, so be mindful before giving it that third Diet Coke.
  • At night, the king-size "imitation suede" mattress unfolds over the countertops.
  • Three pop-out vinyl "viewing" windows (including skylight) come w/ rolling bug screens and blinds.
  • The kitchen boasts a three-burner stove-and-sink combo w/ faucet, a prep area, two large cabinets, and a top-loading refrigerator equipped with a removable vegetable crisper. Crap yeah, crispy vegetables!!!
  • Two cushioned benches and a swiveling table function as the dining area, which doubles as the shower station by replacing the carpeted floor with a grate.
  • Small "chemical" toilet in proximity to the sink faucet for easy hand-washing, or alternately, bidet-ing (seriously, it's designed for either), though using it as the latter while people are right there would be totally (Da)rude.