The 530 hp Bentley Grand Convertible Has Arrived

Allow us to introduce the Bentley Grand Convertible. It's partially influenced by a fancy gown, partially upholstered by a whale, and completely stunning. If you want the fastest and most luxurious convertible Bentley has ever made—and your bank account has at least two commas—this is your new hotness.

The sheet metal is hand-formed by English artisans, but the real story on the exterior is the paint. It was never originally intended to be offered on multiple vehicles, and was in fact developed to match the sequins of a customer's dress.

As beautiful as the outside is, the Grand Convertible's true differentiating factor is its interior, beginning with this tonneau cover that hides the car's roof under a vast expanse of wood.

According to Bentley, the Burr Walnut is the single largest piece of wood the company has ever put on one of its cars. And although size doesn't matter, the chrome lines certainly do, setting off the darkly stained veneer with a look you'd generally expect to see on a world class boat.

The leather takes luxury a step further, using 14 hides all patterned with diamond quilting that curve with the car's lines, held together with stitching that matches the car's paint, as well as that customer's dress.

Whale skin is thrown in for good measure, with Beluga leather rimming the top of the cabin.

Underneath everything, it's basically the Mulsanne Speed, Bentley's 190 mph sedan named after the legendary straight at Le Mans. That means it has a 530 hp twin turbo V8 and can hit 60 mph in approximately five seconds.

Not bad for a rolling whale-lined yacht inspired by a dress.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He doesn't have the commas to own this car.