Buy Your Very Own MotoGP Race Bike

DR Moto is a firm with an extensive background of making ridiculously precise components for Formula 1 teams and engineering solutions for championship-caliber MotoGP teams. This, their eponymous DR Moto superbike, is the firm’s first 100 percent in-house motorcycle. Comparing this bike to anything you’ve ever seen on the road wouldn’t be fair…to the other bike. It’s not just insanely quick, it’s actually built to MotoGP specs.

You want fun? The engine’s pretty much the only thing they didn’t do in-house, and even that’s a 200+ hp Yamaha R1 motor that’s built to their full superbike specification. The transmission has a super-close ratio to keep everything in that sweet spot as you’re blasting down the track.

The chassis, though, is where this bike really starts to stand out. It’s a full-on race bike, and the entire frame is comprised of a block of aluminum that’s been machined to exact proportions.

There’s not really anything on this bike that’s not adjustable, so if you want to change everything from the steering angle to the weight distribution, you can.

So you don’t die within 10 seconds of climbing aboard, the electronics package includes traction control, anti-wheelie sensors, and even automatically blips the throttle when you downshift…which happens seamlessly without a clutch.

The bottom line is that unlike some other bikes out there, this is absolutely not a toy. It’s one of (if not the) most serious high performance bikes you can buy on the market today. And at $150,000, it had better be.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He’s fairly certain the amount of money it costs to buy this bike pales in comparison to the cost of the medical bills he’d incur after just five minutes on it.