The Shelby GT Is 627 HP Wrapped In American Heritage

As awesome as the new GT350 R is, it owes almost all of its heritage to Carroll Shelby and the original GT 350. And after 50 years spent creating a whole new market segment, Carroll may no longer be with us, but Shelby American is.

Speaking of, it's just taken the wrapper off the all new, 627 hp, carbon fiber-clad 2015 Shelby GT.

In the looks department, Shelby basically redid everything except the roof and doors, and each piece is made from carbon fiber. There's no word yet on how much weight that'll save, but you can bet it'll make a noticeable difference. And performance-wise? This new Shelby's an animal in the making.

The "base" level GT has 627 hp, but should you feel the need, Shelby can push it a little further with an optional package that lets you join the 700 club. The entire suspension's been overhauled in coordination with Ford Racing's engineers, and can be further upgraded to transform the car into an out-and-out track monster, complete with cooling ducts for the brakes.

It's not exactly cheap, with the base price starting at $39,000...above the price of a Mustang GT. Then again, it might just be faster around a track than the new GT350 R.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He certainly wouldn't mind taking a few hot laps in one of these, if Shelby were gracious/dumb enough to toss him the keys.