Aston Martin Just Created Sex on Wheels: Meet Vulcan

Aston Martin's latest creation—the Vulcan—is an 800 hp track-day weapon that's a figurative warning shot across the bows of McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. In the simplest of terms, it's made from the fiery mix of just two things: carbon fiber and sex.

Take a deep breath. Pick your jaw up from the floor, and wipe the drool from your keyboard. This is the most impressive Aston Martin in recent memory.


Aston Martin Just Created Sex on Wheels: Meet Vulcan

Vital Statistics:

  • Engine: Mid-Front Mounted V12
  • HP: 800+
  • Top Speed: 225 mph*
  • Number Produced: 24
  • Cost: $2,000,000*

This car was never designed for the street. It's purely intended as a track toy for those with some spare zeroes burning a hole in their pocket, which means the Vulcan's design team didn't have to worry about, well, anything other than form and function.

What did they do? They took an absolutely epic-sounding and flame-spitting V12 and mounted it behind the front wheels. This thing's every bit as mid-engined as a P1 or just happens to have the engine in front of the driver.

Speaking of drivers, who in their right mind wouldn't want to be seated right here? Just look at that. Oooof. It's like a carbon fiber-ized cross between a formula race car and a fighter jet.

And as you can see in the above pic, it's about as serious as either—note all the bars; the Vulcan comes with an FIA-approved roll cage.

The car really is almost entirely made from carbon fiber, with the frame itself actually produced by Multimatic Motorsports, the company that helps Aston with its racing programs. As it happens, that's the same firm Ford just tapped to build the new GT.

That partnership also means the Vulcan gets a seriously state of the art suspension setup first designed for open wheel racers.

Combine all that with the outrageously aggressive aerodynamic package—again, there's no rulebook to follow on this one—and you've got an intensely fast car that will leave you staring at its brake lights all day.

Incidentally, if those lights do happen to look familiar, you have seen them before. They're exact copies of Aston's amazing Vision Gran Turismo car from last year.

The interior was designed with a great deal of input from Aston Martin factory racer Darren Turner, who is also heading up the car's driver training program. Basically, you start out in a normal car, and work your way up to Aston Martin's finest race cars...then you progress to this.

Ok, you can go about your day now.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He believes in love at first sight.