The Zegna X Maserati Ghibli Is Suited For Glory

Published On 01/14/2015 Published On 01/14/2015
The Zegna x Maserati Ghibli

For those with more discernible tastes, simply having nice leather seats and some Alcantara sprinkled here and there isn't enough. Neither is merely owning a Maserati. For that reason, the Italian carmaker teamed up with high-end suit maker Ermenegildo Zegna last year to create a handful of limited-edition Maseratis.

This is the second of them. Introducing the easily-pronounceable Ghibli Ermenegildo Zegna Concept.


That subtle color-shifting paint you're looking at is only available on the Zegna, and it's a combination of blue and ash pigments with flakes of aluminum tossed in for good measure.


Really, though, the paint's just prelude to the interior.

As you might expect, a good chunk of the car's cabin is draped in top-notch Italian leather. Not the headliner though, where Zegna went with silk. The fabric is also used on the dash, console and doors, each featuring different weaves to mark a contrast.

But with 410 hp under the hood and a top speed of 175 mph, you're really not going to want to look down at all that stitching.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He doesn't remember the last time he had to wear a suit.



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