The Mercedes G500 4x4² Is Exactly As Insane As Its Bizarre Name

Published On 02/23/2015 Published On 02/23/2015
Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared

It's Hip To Be Square: Meet the Mercedes G 500 4x4²

When Mercedes dropped the 6x6 version of the always-badass G-Wagen it seemed as though there wasn't much more the engineers could do to make the truck more impressive. Then, Mercedes told its engineers to hit the books and get cracking on something a bit more serious.

Meet the all-new Mercedes G 500 4x4². It's your basic 422 hp, rock climbing, hill jumping super-SUV.


Vital Statistics:

  • Engine: Twin Turbo V8
  • Power: 422 hp
  • Ground Clearance: 17.7"

The first thing you're likely to notice is that it's, well, quite a bit bigger than the normal G Wagen. The ground clearance is doubled from stock, and it can approach inclines up to 54 degrees. The 4x4² is also almost a full foot wider, for more stability if you're blasting through boulder-lined paths at breakneck speed.


And as you can see from Mercedes' promo video of it...that's more or less the entire purpose the G500 4x4².


Since the G 500's not exactly light before going on such a steroid-fueled growth spurt, Mercedes is actually using carbon fiber for the wheel arches—and is leaving them partially unpainted, so you have no doubt what you're looking at.

As with many modern performance cars, the suspension's electronically adjustable between sport and comfort modes, though here, "sport" means the kind of serious playtime that requires engineers to build stainless steel plating for the undercarriage.

Still, possibly the most impressive engineering feat on the entire truck is in the wheels. They're specially made from two different pieces, and clamp down on the tire so hard that it won't come off, even if you have no air pressure whatsoever.


As a nice little bonus, it even comes with its own self-washing system...provided there's a creek nearby.


Pro tip: It looks good dirty. Leave it that way.

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