Meet the 21 Foot Long Mercedes Maybach Pullman

Published On 02/17/2015 Published On 02/17/2015
Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

Pullman has long been the biggest and most luxurious line of German luxury cars, and it's just grown even larger. This is the 2016 Mercedes Maybach Pullman. This thing's 21 feet long; it's basically the ultimate Mercedes limousine.

The starting cost is only $566,000. That's for the "unarmored" version, though, so you know a properly Putinized version is on its way.


Absolutely huge rear doors are designed so you can easily access either the rear seats, or the seats facing the rear seats. Either way, once you're in, you can recline to almost 45 degrees.

One thing to ponder while your chauffeur's definitely not using all 523 hp from his or her side of the partition: is it possible to touch anything that's not leather without straining yourself?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He would definitely take a nap on the autobahn in this.



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