Ducati's Most Important Bike Just Got Even Better

Ducati's new scrambler is small, cool, relatively inexpensive, and probably the most important bike the company's put out in years. And now it's even better.

The Italians partnered with three of the top customs outfits in the world to get their takes on the Scrambler, and now they're all ready. Check 'em out:

Officine Mermaid
The guys at Mermaid basically reduced the bike to a minimum. The fuel tank was stripped of all its paint before getting just a small amount of color applied by hand. Everything else was removed if it wasn't vital to the bike's function—including the now pared down exhaust.

Mr. Martini
Martini went with a cafe racer approach, one which the shop considers distinctly American in design. After redoing just about everything from the nose to the tail, not to mention anything you'd actually come into contact with, Martini proceeded to black out just about everything except the exhaust.

Deus es Machina
There are a lot of racing elements on Deus's example. The tail is made from one piece of aluminum, while the front is an homage to old-school speedway bikes. Deus named the bike Hondo Grattan, after a race horse that won on the day Deus told Ducati it wanted to work together on a project back in 2010.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He definitely wouldn't remember a race horse from 2010.