Nissan Just Built An Alaskan Wilderness-Equipped Truck

Alaska isn't for the faint of heart. It's got more mountains, valleys, bears, and family members of the Palins than most vehicles can take. So, Nissan just built a special, one-off Titan specifically so a couple of wounded warriors can tackle the semi-frozen state. Check it out.

With after-market parts picked by Nissan fans on Facebook, it—somewhat surprisingly—didn't devolve into a Duck Dynasty-mobile and actually looks pretty decent.

It's got plenty of lighting covering the front, sides, and back of the truck, should the drivers stay in Alaska too long and have to deal with perpetual darkness.

A custom off-road trailer in back holds not only extra fuel and a spare tire, but also a tent and camping supplies. This, so the guys don't have to share the back seat at night.

They've left it mostly stock inside except for upping the leather on the seats and adding a military grade navigation system that, hopefully, will do more than just get them to the nearest highway.

Under the hood, the truck's mostly original, but it does have a few tweaks to the intake and exhaust to give it just a little more grunt.

Believe it or not, the suspension's stock, with the only modifications coming by way of larger wheels and grippier tires.

Once Nissan finished the truck, they flew it to Alaska and handed it off to the Wounded Warrior guys, who are currently in the middle of their journey.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's never been to Alaska, but he's told it's great for cruises. Follow his way-south-of-the-Arctic-Circle life on Twitter.