Note To Ford: Please Bring The Troller T4 to America

Meet the new Brazilian Troller T4. Think original Ford Bronco. It's predecessor has already certified itself armageddon-proof, so it's pretty much everything you could ask for in a rugged, bare-bones 4x4. One small problem, however. Ford owns the company, but it's not planning to bring the T4 stateside any time soon. 

It's powered by a solid, torquey 3.2L diesel, and the transmission sends power to all four wheels. Translation: if you get stuck somewhere driving a Troller, you were trying and maybe even deserved it.

Those bars on top are adjustable to fit your gear, and while you can't see it from this angle, there's a glass pane in the roof for people in the backseat to gaze through, should you happen to find yourself face-up after an evening of exuberance.

If you can watch it splash through mud and conquer lakes and not be at least a little bit upset that it's not coming to the US, you should just buy a minivan and be done with it.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he thinks the awesomeness of the T4 just might outweigh the dangers of traveling around Sao Paolo by himself.