7 Crazy Rides On eBay That Love To Get Weird

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes.” – Steve Jobs

Way at the bottom of all the alphabetized car brands on eBay Motors lies "Other Makes." It’s a fascinating mesh of rare exotics, obscure foreign cars, and strange custom builds; here are seven of the very best "other make" cars that you can buy right now.

1954 Messerschmitt KR-175

Messerchmitt was a German aircraft company that produced most of the Nazi fighter jets. Guilty of numerous war crimes, it was ordered out of the aircraft game after Word War II. Its factories then started producing small batches of these Kabinenrollers or “scooters with cabins." If it looks familiar to you, that's because it was Cousin Itt's car in The Addams Family.

1967 Amphicar

Say you’ve got about $70,000 burning a hole in your pocket, and you can’t choose between getting a cool, little-finned roadster with less than 10,000 original miles or a boat. Well, now you don’t have to choose because this is the Presidential car-boat of choice.

2011 Local Motors Rally Fighter

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rally Fighter, get over to YouTube and think about how much pure unbridled fun you'd have in it. It's also not a bad choice when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes.

1968 6-wheeled Cadillac

Let’s make it perfectly clear: there is absolutely no reason for a car like this to exist. It's a six-wheeled Caddy with a horn that blows the tune Never on Sunday! Okay, maybe there's totally a reason this should exist. The builder won't say how he built it, because if you possessed the secrets to such an incredible piece of machinery, you too would be worried about "copycat builders."

2006 Saleen S7 Turbo

In the relatively small group that makes up “American Supercars,” the Saleen S7 could be king. That's especially true with this limited-edition twin-turbo version that boasts 750hp, 700lb/ft torque, sub three-second 0-60 times, a 248 mph top speed, and a body that still looks great.

1971 DeTomaso Pantera

Whereas American sports cars, particularly the Corvette, have traditionally aimed to go head to head with racy coupes from Europe, the DeTomaso Pantera was the Italian take on the American muscle car. While they may have a bit of a reputation as the European exotic for those who couldn't afford a Ferrari, the engine pushing close to 400hp is nothing to sneeze at.

1989 Elite Tiffany Excalibur

Decades after the last Duesenberg was released, a small group of companies began to produce cars that were meant to radiate that Gatsby-esque art deco appeal. They were based on late model American sedan frames and established a reputation as the polyester six button suit of automobiles. This one's based on an old Cougar which is perhaps fitting, given who you'd expect to see driving it.

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