Paul Newman's Old Race Car Is On eBay

Published On 06/08/2015 Published On 06/08/2015

Long before he was a philanthropist-slash-pasta sauce magnate, Paul Newman became so hooked on racing he drastically cut back on his acting career. He was immensely successful both as a racer and team owner. This is one of his very first race cars, a Datsun 240 ZX. He not only won races in this car, he won an SCCA National Championship. Put simply, this car is the real deal. And it's for sale on eBay, if you've got some spare change.


The car is currently undergoing a complete restoration, after which it'll be in the exact condition it was in when it was raced by Mr. Newman...and filmed for national ads.


More recently, it was filmed for Adam Carolla's new documentary titled Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman.

This isn't Newman's only race car, but it's quite possibly his most iconic.

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