Seriously custom, seriously-er vicious Jeeps

While Americans love tricking out their cars, the result isn't always the best, a problem that can likely be traced back to the mandatory high school course all about Civics. For a line of expertly modified much classier Accords off-roaders, check out Hauk Designs

Hauk's a Pennsyltucky outfit producing a series of monstrously badass, somehow street-legal Wranglers they heavily rework with seat-eschewing pickup beds, then stuff with crazily high-end performance equipment and luxe features (e.g. hand-stitched leather seats) to produce "the ultimate combination of luxury sports car and off-road machine", also what happens when Ferris attempts to roll back the mileage on your dad's car. The models

Dune: Topped with an arc'd fastback roll cage, this sand-stormer's touting an open-air cab with soft-top roof, 40" tires, bulletproof axles, and a skin & underbelly made of aluminum body armor, not to be confused with body Armour, which's what Louie Anderson calls the tins of delicious Vienna Sausage he uses to get his figure just right

River: Built for the wet stuff, this bad boy's got steel-tube fender flares to keep the mud down, a half-cab "tight top" to keep it off you, a snorkel to keep your motor un-drowned, and a remote-control waterproof winch to pull you out of any mess, so feel free to refinance your home, the rates are fantastic right now

Rock: Available with two or four doors, these extra-tough suckers are built to hit the boulders thanks to super-thick steel-tube bumpers, an extra-dexterous suspension allowing for better rock clearance, undercarriage skid plates, and a cage-wrapped spare, also the second best outcome in Prison Bowling

If none of these are crazy enough for you, you're incredibly awesome, and therefore Hauk's got an RT "race" model and the roadster-styled Dune X coming in the next year, plus a custom build sheet where you can add enlarged engines (up to a 636-horse 7.2L Hemi), special paints, and extra lighting, a process your Civics teacher would call "dopppe, boooyeeeee!!!!", as long as it was under the chassis.