This is Why The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Is So Awesome

Every year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the premier events in the world for anyone who loves vintage race cars. It's a mecca that draws the finest cars that have ever graced a race track to England, and serves as a reminder of just how superb of a car club Goodwood actually is. As a warm up to this weekend's FoS, Goodwood held their 72nd annual Members' Meeting a few weeks ago, and as you can see, it was awesome.

It's basically the perfect home for 60-year-old classics like this Jaguar D-Type to stretch their legs.

No matter which cars are in attendance, there's always wonderfully picturesque scenery.

Some of the best cars are completely unrestored survivors that show battle scars from decades of on-track action.

Best pace car on Earth? The Ferrari F40.

Yes, the car is technically a Bugatti, but this is still one of the most quintessentially English photos ever taken.

Classic Group B Rally Audi, anyone?

There's something both funny and anachronistic about a small GoPro camera attached to a nearly priceless old Maserati race car.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He hopes to one day go to Goodwood, but for now, he's happy to look at the pictures.