14 Land Cruisers To Pump Up Your Day

No list of vehicles that look good covered in mud, beat up, and with just a little rust is complete without the rugged Toyota Land Cruiser. Chances are you've either owned one or know someone who has, and it's just as likely that when you picture them, it's in some of the harshest and most desolate terrains on the planet. Honestly, if you were going to be dropped in the middle of a jungle, what else would you rather be driving?

Below, you'll find 14 photos that sum up our love of Land Cruisers.

For over 63 years now, they've been going places that anything shy of a Jeep or Land Rover simply can't.

Sometimes there are distinct advantages to being able to drive off road.

Like a race car full of grime after a 24 hour race, an old Land Cruiser just looks right bearing the scars of decades of faithful service.

It doesn't particularly matter which generation or body style you're looking at, either. That's unusual for such a long-running vehicle.

Of course, there's something a little more special about the FJ40s.

No matter if it's pristine, out in the middle of nowhere...

...or if it's obviously a utilitarian machine. It still has character.

To illustrate that point, this one is absolutely perfect after a complete restoration, and it sold for over $100k at RM auctions.

This one's just as beautiful, though. Just...don't pay a hundred grand for it, okay?

Pop quiz. What year is this one? 1980. But given the color you'd just as easily think it's from the 1950s unless you're seriously into the Land Cruiser scene.

Kids: Don't try this at home.

Back to that question about being dropped in a jungle. It's like looking at wildlife in its native habitat, no?

And that's really the coolest thing about the old Land Cruisers. Depending on how it was spec'd out, it could be a truck, an SUV, an off-road toy, a convertible...basically it was always the Breakfast Club of vehicles.

It's not one of a kind, but it's definitely got a special place in our hearts.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's never owned a Land Cruiser, but he's had some seriously fun times in them in different countries and different decades.