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16 Gorgeous Photos Of Singer's First Porsche Targa

By now, everyone knows that Singer is the go-to shop if you want the best damn restomod Porsche money can buy. The exquisitely restored and souped up classics are works of art in and of themselves, and with every car Singer produces, the photography that comes with it is almost as stunning as the car itself.

This one, however, is special. It's the first targa-topped 911 to be touched by Singer. As you can see for yourself, the 390 hp Porsche is an exercise in perfection.

As with all Singers, every body panel is subtly different from its original counterpart. There's an added subtlety on this one, though, just behind the rolled-down windows.

That polished metal targa hoop? Yeah, it's nickel plated. According to Singer, the idea is to give the car a bit of a warmer touch on the exterior, which kinda makes sense when you see it next to the orange interior.

The engine in back is a 4.0 liter that was breathed on by the folks at Ed Pink Racing Engines. If you're unfamiliar with them, they're the guys you call when you've got something like a seven-figure LeMans-winning 917 to restore. For them, squeezing 390 hp out of a more modern Porsche engine is a walk/very fast drive in the park.

Attention to detail level: expert.

The car's owner lives in Montreal, where he or she will gladly take possession, once Singer's through showing it off at places like the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We don't know much about the owner, but the three pedals you see here tell you all you need to know about what they stand for.

So, any well-heeled Quebecois gearheads looking to adopt?

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