This Guy Has No Arms And Is A Better Driver Than You

Meet Bartek Ostatowski. He’s among the better drifters in Poland right now, and that’s nothing short of amazing. A few years ago, he was in a somewhat gruesome motorcycle crash, and both of his arms had to be amputated. The way in which he’s learned to compensate is at the same time amazing, inspirational, and horribly depressing for those of us with fully functioning limbs that still can’t outdrive him.

As you can see, he drives an automatic with a tiptronic shifter, and he has a mechanical linkage so that he can shift with what is left of his right arm, which isn't much. Steering is done entirely with the left foot, while acceleration and braking is with the right.

Well done, sir. Well done.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's fairly certain this is actually even more impressive than Alex Zanardi racing with no legs.