The 959 is the baddest Porsche ever built

The Porsche 959 was and is considered by many to be the greatest road car Porsche ever built. It was on nearly every boy's wall and really only had two rivals: the Ferrari F40, and whatever uber-hot swimsuit model happened to be on the wall opposite it. You can snag one of 337 ever made next month at RM's Arizona auction.

The 959 was originally designed as a rally car and it was good enough to win the grueling Dakar rally. Then it won its class at the similarly demanding and even more competitive 24 hours of Le Mans. It was one of the very first supercars to use an advanced adaptive all-wheel drive system, and it even had a gauge on the dash to tell you how much power went to the front and how much went to the back.

When it debuted, it was the fastest production car in the world at just a tick under 200 miles per hour thanks to the sleek aluminum and kevlar body that got its shape in a wind tunnel. It was even smart enough to know when you were approaching ludicrous speed, lowering itself to provide more aerodynamic stability, a feature that the Bugatti Veyron people won't shut up about.

Fun Fact: The 444-horsepower twin-turbocharged six cylinder engine was also used by Porsche to compete in the Indy 500. The cooling system on this thing's actually pretty unique as well, and in some regards it's still more advanced than today's cars.

To give you an idea how advanced we're talking here, it was completely illegal to bring one into the U.S. for well over a decade, until people like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Jerry Seinfeld pulled some weighty strings in Washington and got special legislation passed so they could bring their cars in.