Your car is ready to make you some money

Published On 01/10/2012 Published On 01/10/2012

Cooked up in the Bay Area “to help 10 billion people in 10yrs”, Getaround got bugged driving up and down the same old strip and found a new place where the kids are hip (Portland, duh) to offer its peer-to-peer car sharing service that allows real cool heads like yourself to make real good bread by renting your car, or spend very little to snag someone else's by the hour, day, or week…uh…wah wah oooh? You can:

Rent Your Car: List any post-1995 whip with mileage under 150k along with availability and asking price (current listings range from $5/hr to $75 for a Tesla). While Getaround pulls renters’ driving records to ensure Ryan Gosling won’t power-slide your Town & Country while getting shot at, you can also screen drivers in person, or install a patent-pending Carkit that lets the doors be locked & unlocked via smartphone, tracks your car via GPS, and lets the owner kill the ignition remotely if something’s up. Either way, for the rental's duration, both car n' driver're covered by Getaround's top-shelf insurance with no risk to you, unless you rent out while simultaneously playing the board game Risk, in which case, you’re awesome.

Drive Someone Else’s: Search PDX's roster of 60+ geolocated rides, where aside from any color Prius you could possibly want (oh, Portland!), you can find a "blacked out" '08 Range Rover on 22s ($40/hr), or for $240/wk, a motorhome-converted '08 Dodge Sprinter that sleeps two, because it wouldn't be right to leave your best girl home on a Saturday night.