The Interior Of The World's First Private 747-8 Is Insane

Published On 02/16/2015 Published On 02/16/2015

Owning a private jet puts you in a category of special privilege, but customizing the interior of a $358M Boeing 747-8 (which can carry 450 passengers commercially) simply because you can, takes luxury to the next, downright absurd level.

That's exactly what was requested of custom jet design firm Greenpoint Technologies, and after three long years of work, it was recently completed.


Although photos of the jet's actual interior and any info on its owner are being withheld by Greenpoint, they have released a handful of conceptual renderings that illustrate what it could look like. And if they're anywhere close to the real thing, it may have a dining room, two huge lounges, a master suite, guest bedroom, and office.

Just think about that next time the tray table is digging into your knees.

H/T: Robb Report



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