The All-Electric Personal Hydrofoil Boat

If you don't already have a boat, the Quadrofoil gives you something even better to aspire to. Powered by electricity, this extremely efficient personal hydrofoil watercraft is pretty much a dream come true.

Why putt around in the water when you can skate on top of it? 

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Unlike a polluting Jet-Ski spewing out gasoline and choking dolphins, this thing is completely emission-free. It's not even a hybrid. It's 100 percent electric.

It flies at around $1.25 per hour in electricity cost, so it's cheap as hell to use. It claims to have almost no maintenance costs, but as of now that's not confirmed. 

It cruises at 20 knots, and when it's above the water, it uses power steering to work. It can go 100 kilometers on a single charge. From a safety perspective, it has an anti-collision system to absorb shock, and claims to be unsinkable. We've heard that before, but just in case, it has two life jackets and a paddle included.

The photos are some of the best we've ever seen, too. A+, Quadrofoil.

It'll cost you around $18,570, which, considering something like this has never existed before, is hard to contextualize. Seems on the cheap side given the cost of gas, though.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is a pretty good canoe-er. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.