The A-Z's of Formula 1 Racing as told by Red Bull

Formula One is seriously complicated, in ways an outsider can barely fathom. Teams spend, on average, hundreds of millions of dollars every year on research and development, just to stay remotely competitive. For the past few weeks, Red Bull has produced a series of videos explaining the A to Z of F1 to help clear things up, and it's well worth a watch.

Things start off with A for aerodynamics, which in most seasons has the single greatest impact on the speed of a Formula 1 car.

The second part picks up with engines, which this year are insanely complicated turbocharged hybrids.

The electric side of those hybrids is discussed in part three, with kinetic energy recovery systems.

Four goes into detail on the Ops room, which is kinda like NASA's mission control, but even more technically advanced.

This one shows a behind the scenes look at their state of the art Simulator, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but is about as close to driving a real car as you can get.

They wrap things up on some letter called "Zed." Yes, there's actually a relevance to F1 from the letter Z.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he's strongly of the opinion that Red Bull should use the Cyrillic alphabet for their next video series.