This Restored '59 Chevy Viking Bus Is A Road Tripper's Dream

Published On 04/29/2015 Published On 04/29/2015

A beat-up Chevy bus from 1959 may not be the first vehicle you'd choose to embark on a cross-country road trip, but once you've seen this one, which has been fully restored into a boho-chic retro lounge-on-wheels, you'll be forced to reconsider.

Winkelman Architecture

The restoration comes courtesy of the folks at Winkelman Architecture, who salvaged this Viking Short Bus and transformed it into an adventuremobile fit for Penny Lane.

Winkelman Architecture

It's designed to haul up to 12 passengers and sports both a dining area and padded lounge, which quickly transforms into a sleeping den of two twin beds (or one queen) with some simple rearranging.

Winkelman Architecture

The whole thing's even equipped with plumbing (a toilet and sink), various power outlets, and some serious mood lighting. 

Winkelman Architecture

And just like that, riding the short bus became cool.



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