Revival’s Custom-Built Kawasaki Is Worth Salivating Over

Three attributes distinguish the very best bike shops from the also-rans: 

1) The flexibility to turn just about any bike into a great-riding work of art 
2) A great eye for design
3) A high degree of technical proficiency

Time and again the guys at Austin’s Revival Cycles have shown that they’ve got all three attributes in spades, and they’re all on display in their new Kawasaki W650 “Bean.” 

The fact that they’ve managed to make this Kawasaki look unmistakably like a Revival is nothing short of amazing. Really, though, we’ve come to expect this from the guys who’ve done the same thing with Harleys, Guzzis, and Ducatis.

For this one, they designed a “jellybean-shaped” fuel tank—hence the name—and locked down all the basics like its stance and hiding the electronic components, before going further with LEDs at the front and rear.

The seat, of course, is hand-stitched leather—they outsourced that to one of the finest seat-makers around—as it and the tail are easily removable.

Its technical prowess, you ask? Visible just about anywhere you look: from the clean welds on the exhaust to the intricate way they’ve weaved the tailpipes to ensure they’re both exactly the same length; this promotes more balance with increased torque.

This lower triple tree for the bike’s forks—a crucial piece of the equation from a design and engineering standpoint—is made not only in-house, but from a single block of aluminum to ensure maximum strength while hitting all the design parameters.

Nothing on the end result comes across as a project thrown together by some random guys who are sorta passionate about bikes. It’s a proper build, one that perfectly encapsulates how a shop like Revival earns its status in the upper echelons of the bike-building world.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He tried welding once, and while he didn’t set himself on fire, he didn’t get two pieces of metal to stick together, either. Follow him to the parts store on Twitter.