This Gorgeous Custom Bike Was Inspired By A Ferrari 308 GTS

Revival Cycles has long been a fountain of youth for everything from Harleys to Ducatis to Guzzis, but if the Moto Morini pictured here strikes you as a little more Italian than anything they've done before, it's with good reason: the bike takes its inspiration from an early '80s Ferrari 308 GTS.

As with Revival's other builds, step one is yanking out pretty much anything involving wires and giving the bike a thoroughly modern electronic control system. The trick on this build was to keep everything hidden despite retaining the stock fuel tank, lest wiring distract from the axiomatically beautiful motor that shop head-man, Alan Stulberg, ranks as one of the most aesthetically-oriented engines ever built.

The bike's remarkable, and you wouldn't want to damage such an exquisite piece of art by not being able to stop in time, so Revival engineered an innovative solution to fit the cycle with modern brakes.

The rest of the bike is mostly an exercise in fanatical detail work. As a neat trick, the clutch cover was cut open to improve the bike's visual connection to the mechanical inner workings, and the frame was actually painted a Ferrari-specific shade.

Less obvious touches round off the bike, including LED turn signals and stitching on the seat that mimics 1980s Ferraris.

At this point, it's safe to say Revival is easily the best team in Austin.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He love the look of that exhaust.