You Can Now Drive A Hyundai Blind

As technology progresses and we get more and more sensors and warning systems packed into our cars, it's only natural to wonder how long it will be before we don't even need to look out the window. Well, according to Hyundai, that time is now; they've released a quartet of videos in which they use professional Rallycross driver Rhys Millen to demonstrate just how hands-off you can drive these days.*

*NOTE: do not ever drive like this under any circumstances.

They start of by taping up all the windows, so he can only drive via the car's sensors. For the first video they test the lane departure system by tossing out a bunch of spikes on either side of the car. After that it gets serious.

Emergency braking? Of course you test the car's self-preservation ability by driving blindly straight at a parked SUV.

To test the reverse camera and parking warning sensors, they basically put the car through an American Gladiators-style challenge. Driving in reverse through an obstacle course full of swinging shipping containers is hopefully beyond any test you'd give it in real life... but pretty fun to watch.

And finally, they demonstrate how you can use the blind spot warning system to weave in and out of tour buses at speed.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. This is giving him ideas that probably won't end well, but it's gonna be fun finding out.