Rod Stewart's Ferrari F40 Is for Sale

Already a permanent member of the Ferrari Hall Of Fame and one of the few cars that's socially acceptable to keep on your wall after you're 25, the Ferrari F40 is arguably one of the greatest cars ever to come out of Maranello. On paper, this one—up for auction this summer—is no different than any of the rest, but listed among its owners over the years is one Roderick David "Rod" Stewart, who somehow managed to find time to drive it when he wasn't also driving his Lamborghini Miura. Yeah. "Maggie May" has been kind to him.

It's really kinda easy to see how this was the first production car to hit 200 mph when you look at how insanely low the nose is.

Of course, a 471 hp, twin turbocharged V8 helps. A lot. Given how clean this engine is and the fact that one of its owners was Rod Stewart, there's a fair bet the car has seen more action standing still than while driving.

Seriously, it still has the original F40 matching luggage, even. The storage compartment is directly behind the radiator, though, so you're not gonna want to put anything temperature-sensitive in there.

The interior is beautifully basic, in that it lacks just about everything not directly connecting you with the road. Even as F40s go, though, this one is exceptionally nice.

Of all the custom license plates Rod Stewart could possibly have picked, this isn't one of the ones we would've guessed.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Writing about Rod Stewart's F40 makes him want to watch So I Married an Axe Murderer. If you understand why, you should follow him on Twitter.