Electric cars, no purchase required

Getting around SD without a car stinks, and that's not only because Ben Robinson sweats even more when you ride on his pegs. Get a fresher ride than the handlebars of Ben's sister's beach cruiser without dropping serious dough, via Car2go.

A Daimler project for those with limited auto-mobility, C2G is hitting SD Friday with North America's first all-electric fleet of 300 smart cars capable of running 84mi before you're forced to ghost-ride the car off a cliff and collect a new one (NOTE: wait, maybe don't do that). Getting behind the wheel is as easy as signing up online, locating a ready-and-willing vehicle (conveniently dispersed throughout the city) online or with their iPhone app, unlocking the lil' guy with a membership card, punching in your pin, and heading towards whichever cliff is exactly 84mi away (NOTE: again, you don't have to do that, you can pretty much drive wherever). After completing a baker's dozen of donuts on your boss's lawn, simply cruise back to the “operating area” and park in any public or C2G designated spot and your credit card will automatically be charged $.35 per minute/ $12.99 per hour/ $65.99 per day, which accounts for mileage, insurance, and 24hr roadside assistance, though not the kind you rented an anonymous vehicle to troll for.

While they have over 1000 charging stations planned, as of now they've got several strategically planned stations around the city in case you want to extend your gallivanting, and even though hitting one with a bottle of Champagne might knock it over, they're having a two-day kickoff event with giveaways, live music, refreshments, and test drives, but if B Rob wants in on that action, he's gonna need to sit on a towel.