Kansas City Man Wants To Bring This Amphibious Volkswagen Back Into Production

You might not remember the name, but you know the Schwimmwagen. It's the amphibious military vehicle that Hitler made Porsche design for VW during WWII. It's kind of the ultimate all terrain vehicle, and now there's a guy in Kansas City by the name of Robert Long that wants to bring 'em back. Really.

He's just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds ($3,000,000!) to bring the Schwimmwagen back into production. The idea is to buy an original one, then essentially reverse engineer it (read: copy it piece by piece) to produce brand new Schwimmwagens en masse.

The Schwimmwagen wasn't exactly the fastest vehicle around—50 mph by land, 7 mph by water—but it saved a ton of time not having to worry about crossing rivers after bridges were bombed out.

The body is completely airtight so it can function naturally as a boat. Out back, there's a propeller that folds down, and is driven by the same engine that drives the tires on the ground.

Since it was originally designed to be cheap and efficient, the Schwimmwagen's body is made of steel, and Mr. Long thinks he can produce up to 1,000 a year for anyone wanting a brand new 70 year old Nazi amphibious vehicle.

Genius or insanity? Your call.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He'd like to see a more modern drivetrain roll off the line.