Start swilling exotically

Trying to keep up with Maria Hines' constantly rotating Eastern-Medi dishes, the bar manager at the Top Chef Master's Golden Beetle has crafted an... intoxicating new cocktail menu built from exotically sourced liquors, DIY tinctures, and house infusions, which like House infusions are brilliant, and will probably cost you the use of your legs. The 10-deep lineup will have you making merry with the likes of:Lion's Milk: Lemon, honey syrup, and orange blossom balance out a healthy dose of Raki, the anise-flavored national hooch of Turkey whose nickname translates to "Milk of the Strong" (note to Schwarzenegger: this milk is no more for babies than housecleaners are for cleaning).Soil 'n' Green: Unless "the rum of Indonesia" is "people" and not Batavia Arrack, then Soil 'n' Green is not made with people. It is however rounded out with cilantro syrup and a tincture of Murray River Salt.That Sweet Nectar: Order this guy, and you'll be served a tall glass of gin, absinthe, plum bitters, and Cocchi Americano -- another reminder that if you try to conquer the whole menu, you'll end up flat on your Cocchix.