Shelby Just Gave Dodge a $3,000 Middle Finger

When he was alive, Carroll Shelby never missed an opportunity to make a sale or find an angle for promotion. He was a good driver, and an even better automotive visionary, but his true genius was his marketing sense. He might no longer be with us, but that spirit certainly lives on in his company.

A short while back, Dodge put a stop to 2015 Hellcat production, opting to focus on 2016, and in the process it cancelled the remaining orders and gave the equivalent of IOUs to those with a spot in the production queue.

Explicitly stating that, “you can’t park a voucher in your garage," Shelby American is offering free Katzkin leather upgrades for anyone buying a new SuperSnake that provides proof of a voided Hellcat IOU voucher...worth about $3,000.

Translation: Shots fired.

The cost of the SuperSnake makes the whole thing academic: $55,000 plus the cost of a Mustang GT means you can expect to pay between $20,000 and $40,000 more for the SuperSnake.

Still, though. Those are some nice seats when covered in Hellcat hide, aren't they?

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