This Has To Be The Most Eclectic Car Auction On Earth

There are auctions that feature muscle cars, some that feature exotics, and some that mix it up. This weekend’s Silverstone Classic auction definitely falls into the latter, with everything from classic supercars to legendary race cars to freaking Cold War-era warplanes. It’s easily the most eccentric auction in the world this weekend, and it’s pretty far up there any other time. Behold:

Sir Jackie Stewart’s first race car 
This car is called a Marcos GT Xylon. Xylon is the Greek word for wood, and yes, this car’s frame is actually made out of wood. One day, the car was being repaired at Stewart’s family’s garage, and the owner invited Jackie to try the car. As it turned out, the future triple world champion had a bit of talent. [More pics…]

Harrier GR Mk3 Jump Jet
The Harrier is one of those unmistakable planes in history: originally built by the British during the height of the Cold War, it’s capable of fully vertical takeoff and landing, like a helicopter. [More pics…]

1955 Land Rover Series I 
Unless you have access to a hidden museum, it’s impossible to get more old-school Land Rover than this. It’s basically a grown-up Jeep that can do just about anything you ask of it. [More pics…]

1973 Lotus Elan Sprint
You can pretty much take it as read that any car who legendary designer-slash-founder of Lotus Colin Chapman worked on will handle better than just about anything else you’ve ever driven. The ultra tiny Elan is no different. This one’s fully restored and good to go. [More pics…]

Jaguar XJ220
If you were old enough to know anything about cars in the early mid 1990s, you knew the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest car on Earth, briefly holding the title until McLaren dropped the F1 on the world. Still, as a car capable of a legit 200+ mph with crazy luxury, in one of the sexiest bodies ever drawn up, it’s amazing that XJ220s don’t go for seven figures today. They will some day. [More pics…]

Ferrari 206 SP Replica
A legit Ferrari 206 SP would go for anywhere between $5 and $10 million today. This is a replica, but it’s a replica that used a Ferrari Dino as a starting point, with a totally accurate, purely hand-banged aluminum body built by Italian metalsmiths. It’s about as close as you’ll get to the real deal. [More pics…]

E30 M3 DTM Jagermeister Recreation 
The E30 M3 DTMs are legends in their own right today for the level of competition they brought to the table. This car is a very faithful replica of one of the most famous DTM E30s, the orange Jagermeister car. Everything down to the seriously unique rear suspension has been carefully reconstructed, and this one’s ready to go. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He’ll take the DTM E30 or the XJ220, thank you very much. Follow him to dream car-land on Twitter.