LEGO Mario Kart Is About To Blue Shell Your Mind

In the holiest of unions, Mario Kart and LEGO have combined to become one.

But this isn't the result of an awesome new LEGO kit—it's the hard work of a trio of friends who put down their controllers and quit throwing bananas at each other long enough to actually build the characters and vehicles of our beloved Mario Kart.

It's all part of one seriously ambitious diorama project. Each friend chose a few characters and eventually figured out how to build 'em.

There are even hyper-realistic shells that'll no doubt put you in crippling pain the moment you step on them. 

If you rack your brain and think about these in terms of the original, 16-bit, SNES Mario Kart, you'll find they're all pretty on point.

Somehow, they've managed to make Yoshi look like he's easy to replicate.

And they didn't skimp on the details. Or the Blue Shell. The most respected and feared of all shells. 

So Peach looks a bit like she belongs in Mad Max more than Mario Kart, but to be fair, she's always being held in a different castle, so it's really, really hard to get a good look at her.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. There exists a strong possibility that he played entirely too much Mario Kart in college.