This Custom Land Rover Defender Bids Farewell To An Icon

When the discontinuation of the iconic Land Rover Defender was announced on the cusp of new EU rules on carbon emissions and safety standards, car junkies and off road enthusiasts everywhere mourned the loss of a legend. The folks at German tuning house Brabus Startech took it upon themselves to memorialize the Defender and its 68 years of rugged history with a swan song in the form of a luxurious mod, featuring copious interior and exterior improvements.

Meet the STARTECH SIXTY8: the stylish Swan Song that the classic Defender rightfully deserves. 

The two-toned metallic grey and black body includes a newly sculpted front and aluminium underride guard featuring the SIXTY8 logo.

Custom upholstery with ergonomic sports seats and diamond quilting bring heightened levels of luxury that set it apart from the typically rough and tumble Defender.

The dash is upgraded as well, with an ALPINE multimedia system complete with 3D navigation and rear camera.

While no order information is available yet, pricing is slated to be around $75,000 for a five-seat version, or $77,000 for a seven-seater. If they make their way to the US, we'll definitely make it a point to say our farewells in person. And you should, too. 

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