These Custom LEGO Bikes Take A Year To Build

Published On 02/02/2015 Published On 02/02/2015
Custom LEGO Motorcycle
Stephan Jonsson

There are those who build custom bikes from the ground up, and those who just enjoy riding them. Then there's Stephan Jonsson. He's a man bearing a healthy obsession with all things two-wheeled, and he also has a remarkable collection of plastic bricks that he's slowly turning into his own personal fleet of righteous LEGO customs.

Stephan Jonsson

Stephan's inspiration shouldn't come as a shock, really: "Earlier this year I took a Triumph Scrambler for a test drive and it was love at first sight! Since then I've wanted to build one in LEGO, and design it as it were my own bike."

Stephan Jonsson

He takes his time on every build—around a year, generally—so that he can properly work in as much detail as possible. Note the grips and simulated wrapped exhaust.

Stephan Jonsson

For example, this bike, which he's named 'Frenzy', actually has a red frame specifically so it would have some contrast with the black suspension. He's also built it as a turbocharged bike, and went so far as to move the engine to the right just a bit so the exhaust still looks clean.

Stephan Jonsson

He's gotten considerably faster with his builds, too. Named 'Widowmaker', his second bike took him just months to get right, and required rounding up plenty of hard-to-find LEGO pieces. Of course, the result is brilliant, with everything from turn signals mounted on the handlebars to consideration of battery storage when he was designing the oil tank.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He suddenly finds his own LEGO-fu somewhat lacking.



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