Stirling Moss's Gorgeous Porsche 718 Spyder Race Car Is For Sale

Unquestionably, Sir Stirling Moss was one of the best drivers of the 1950s and '60s. And like his driving, the cars he raced were exceptionally impressive—few more so than this one. It's not just a classic and gorgeous Porsche 718 Spyder, it's his own. Bonhams has the honor of auctioning it off from Moss's private collection later this summer at Goodwood, and if you've got a spare $3,000,000 in your pocket, it's as good as yours.

If you don't, well, that's why these gorgeous photos exist.

Lightness, of course, was the name of the game for the 1,100 pound RS Spyders, and this one was no different. Moss famously raced it amidst snow flurries around the infamous Nurburgring, about which he said that he "found the little Porsche ideal for the Nurburgring in such conditions."

Inside, as you would expect, it's bereft of all but the necessities to make it go faster.

It might not have a ton of power, but with the 1.6 liter engine screaming to 7,800 rpm right behind your head, that hardly matters when you get to the twisty bits.

Just how important of a car is this? Moss fell several stories down an elevator shaft a few years ago, just before this exact car was to go up for sale. The octogenarian was more upset that he'd potentially miss getting a chance to bid than he was about his broken bones. In the end, he used a proxy bidder, and has owned it since.

This particular Porsche is the sister car to the one Moss raced back in the day, and it has its own racing history, first winning an SCCA national championship in the US, and later, in historic races with Sir Stirling at the helm.

For a much more thorough history, hit up Bonham's page on the car.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. All he needs is one lap in this, and he'll be OK.

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