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19 Photos That Prove The Beauty of Goodwood

The Goodwood Revival is one of the very finest vintage races and gatherings anywhere on Earth. Races are filled with million dollar classics racing inches from each other, all while nervous team members pace the paddock wearing 1950s mechanic's overalls. It's a different era playing out in modern times.

And, as luck would have it, Supercompressor pal Peter Aylward was there earlier this year capturing the Revival in all its glory. What follows is just a smattering of his photos. For even more, hit up his site.

If there's anyone who can rival Sean Connery in Scotland, it's Sir Jackie Stewart, and these are some of the cars he used en route to his three Formula One World Championships.

This is a Matra. Sir Jackie won his first championship in a Matra, which subsequently became Tyrrel, and over the years has evolved into different teams, including BAR, Honda, Braun, and now Mercedes, which is a lock to win this year's title. The names have changed and the factory has moved, but it's still the same entry.

There's a simplicity to 1960s-era formula race cars that really can't be beat. 

Even surrounded by epic race cars, it's hard to top the style of a vintage Indian.

If there's such a thing as historical vintage pedal car racing, all of our parents owe us an explanation as to why we weren't in it.

But the Goodwood Revival's all about letting the classic racers stretch their proverbial legs.

Why is it that a first generation Mustang just looks so right racing in Europe?

Then again, maybe anything does, like this Mercury Comet. It was based on the Ford Falcon, which was more or less the mother of the Mustang. So the Comet's the Mustang's aunt?

Naturally, there are plenty of European cars at this million-dollar Mercedes 300SL gullwing. At the Revival, it's okay to stare.

In terms of dominant cars of the 1950s, it's hard to top the Jaguar D-Type. It not only locked up a hat trick of Le Mans victories, it won with Ecurie Ecosse, one of the most fabled and beloved underdog teams in motorsport history.

And no D-Type story is complete without the legendary Ecurie Ecosse transporter, which was so popular in Britain they even made scale die-cast versions of it.

The E-Type didn't necessarily win as much as the D, but there's no denying its looks.

Even Enzo Ferrari proclaimed it the most beautiful car ever made.

Not that anyone would ever call Enzo's cars ugly, of course.

By the way, what you're looking at is someone preparing to race a car worth well into the eight figure range. That's Goodwood for you.

And yes, most of the people dress up in period-correct clothing. It all seems kind of silly until someone like Pete snaps a photo like this.

Overall, though, that's what Goodwood's all about, really. You don't have to remember the most legendary cars of the past if a Ferrari 250 LM is screaming past you at full song.

You can think back on all those times Ferrari won race after race.

Then come face to face with the car that ended Ferrari's run.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. Some day, he'll get to Goodwood. Some day.