The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is The Most Powerful Muscle Car Ever Produced

When Dodge first announced the Challenger Hellcat, a couple pretty sweet features were revealed: an extra air-intake hidden behind a headlight and an engine that would produce in excess of 600 hp. Now, they've revealed that it has 707 hp. 707! Math isn't our forte, but we're pretty sure 707 hp is in excess of 600 hp, almost by 107. 

To put that number into proper perspective, the Viper is 640 hp. When the world collectively went nuts at the awesome power numbers of the new Corvette Z06, it went nuts for 650. This is an entire third world taxi cab more than a Z06.

Those poor tires never stood a chance.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He likes it when tires are converted to smoke, though he's wondering when the horsepower wars will turn into handling wars.