The Ultimate Edition Land Rover Defender

Published On 10/30/2014 Published On 10/30/2014
Land Rover Ultimate Edition Defender
Urban Truck

Simply ordering the best possible Land Rover Defender isn't good enough for some people. It is precisely for those people that the Urban Trucks exists. Think Starwood or Icon, only English, and now they've put all their chips on the table with the Ultimate Edition.

Urban Truck

What you have is Land Rover's trusty, torque-y diesel, with extra protection underneath in case you accidentally bang into some rocks. That's actually possible, given that this is set up more for blasting through gravelly mountain passes than climbing over boulders. The whole thing's been lowered a couple of inches and sits on an electrically adjustable suspension—essentially, you flip a switch and it adjusts between mall parking lot, or fun.

Urban Truck

Stylistically, it's got LED lights front and rear, plus a full suite of goodies like a grille to prevent damage from shrubberies, a step by the rear door, vents in the hood to keep things cool and...privacy glass. Presumably, so no one can see what you're doing in the back of your Land Rover at the side of a gravelly road in the middle of nowhere.

Urban Truck

Inside, a pair of leather or Alcantara Recaro seats replace the factory equipment to help ensure you'll be held securely in place. The company then gives the matching treatment to the rest of the interior, including the roof and dash.

Since that's never enough, there's also a killer sound system with a sub built into the beautifully-wrapped center console.

Urban Truck

If that's still not enough for you, they're more than happy to give the same treatment to the 110, i.e. the big Defender.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. For some reason, he'd love to drive this really quickly over a small stream.

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