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17 Awesome Photos Of The Snow-Filled Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

The Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique is one of the most prestigious and emotionally evocative events in motorsport. Cars like the Mini Cooper and Renault Alpine earned their legend status by blitzing the competition around the insanely tight, twisting, and snow-covered roads, wedged between cliff faces and steep and deadly drops.

So with the 2015 edition in the books, Renault has compiled a beautiful look back at the historic rally cars—and course—that illustrate just why it's so famous.

It's not just the number of cars that participate that's impressive, it's their caliber. From Alfa Romeo to BMW, Porsche and even the occasional Mustang, if it competed here back in the day, you'll likely see it at the historic event.

Don't think for a second that just because the cars are old, and the dangers are real, that the driver's aren't seriously trying to beat the clock.

Said clock beating tactics include navigating narrow, snow-lined roads while trying to pass someone.

And waiting until the last second to brake when there's a cliff waiting for you if you screw up.

...not to mention having the balls to continue doing all of that whilst the roads look like you're following Tony Montana's delivery truck.

Tack on spectators potentially running across your path, because like every rally spectator, they're plenty foolish. Really. They've even been known to pile snow in unexpected places just so they can see a crash.

If it all looks loosely like some of your favorite video games over the years, it's not a coincidence: these roads aren't exactly a secret, and have been featured in countless titles.

If you've ever heard of the infamous Col de Turini, this is it. Amazingly, back when these cars were in their prime, they'd run this pass at night.

To put the Cul de Turini into perspective, it has been featured in the Tour de France, but only three times. The tour rates its climbs in terms of difficulty, and there's actually not even a category harsh enough to classify this road.

Of course, even when it's dry, it's no less daunting. Though it's every bit amazing.

Check out all the highlights of this year's event and you'll realize just how special it really is.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. It would be a dream come true for him drive these roads in an Alpine A110.