Shelby's 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra Is Hell On Wheels

Seven liters and 50 years ago, Carroll Shelby did something absolutely incredible. He took his Cobra (already one of the most potent vehicles in the world) and turned it into the pavement pounding legend that is the 427 Cobra. It didn't have the same racing success as its smaller 289 brothers, but it certainly excelled at capturing the hearts and minds of just about every red-blooded American car enthusiast ever since.

In honor of the car's golden anniversary, Shelby American is producing a limited run of 50 new 427 Cobras.

You can order it in either fiberglass or aluminum, with the latter coming naked. Nothing but gorgeous polished metal, save for the twin brushed aluminum stripes down the middle.

Naturally, your only other alternative (with regard to color) is Guardsman Blue with white stripes; pretty much the most American paint job there is. Basically, there's no way to go wrong in ordering this thing.

As for billet badges, there're no less than seven that've been thrown on the front, back, sides, and even the floor mats, should you somehow happen to forget how special the car is.

Right down to the engine plate stamped with your legitimate Shelby CSX4550 to CSX4599 serial number, the car's got everything you need...except for an actual engine. Unfortunately, that's not included in the $120,000 to $180,000 price tag.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. In some respects, as a toddler playing with his toy cars, the Cobra was his first love.