The 530 HP Bentley Mulsanne Speed Is Here

Despite its well-deserved reputation for outstanding luxury, Bentley is no stranger to exceedingly powerful automobiles—it has a century's worth of tradition; take, for instance, The Blue Train Special. That tradition continues. What you're seeing here is the most powerful car Bentley's ever produced—the Mulsanne Speed. 

For fans of Bentley, or simply any fans of hot, nasty, badass speed....well, enjoy the hell out of Bentley's new ride set to drop in 2015.

Under the hood lurks a massive 6.75 liter twin turbo V8 (you know, in case you can't read the badge). That's nice, but the numbers are even better: 530 hp is legitimately a lot, and 811 pounds of torque is roughly what it takes to speed or slow the rotation of the Earth by one day per year.* Ultimately, that means this'll hit 190 mph. Not the fastest Bentley, but still the torque-iest.

(*Rough approximation based on feel.)

If you put the car in sport-mode it not only makes the steering stiffer and gives the throttle a more immediate response, but it also keeps the engine above 2,000 rpm at all times, so you never encounter turbo lag.

If, for some reason, you find yourself not wanting to drive, your journey in the back seat will be surrounded by what you see here. Complete with Champagne flutes.

Two other highlights: 1) there's even a built-in cooler, 2) a 60-gig hard drive comes with the car to ensure you don't have to hear the same song twice.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He would still never ride in the back seat. Follow him on Twitter, just don't backseat drive.