The 725 HP RTR Mustang Will Eat Your First Born

Published On 11/06/2014 Published On 11/06/2014
The new Mustang RTR
All Photos: Mustang RTR

The new Mustang is beautiful, powerful, and its handling is pretty great. But there’s this little thing called the Corvette Z06, and Dodge recently gave birth to some hellish twins. Suddenly, in an era that will quite possibly be remembered as the gasoline engine’s last golden age, rolling up to the party with less than 700 hp simply doesn’t cut it.

Enter RTR. Founded five years ago as a means of improving upon Ford’s signature pony car, the company’s just taken the cover off their 2015 entry. Nothing special here, just 725 supercharged horsepower under the hood.

Up front, a much deeper spoiler limits the air that goes under the car—important at the kinds of speeds 725 hp can take you to—and much more of the airflow is routed to places where it will make a difference, like brakes and the radiator.

The look continues on the sides, with wheels designed exclusively for this car, but a sharp eye will notice it’s been lowered. RTR’s aim was to get the car to perform as well on a road course as it does at the drag strip, so just about everything is adjustable to fine-tune the handling to your style.

Nearly three quarters of 1,000 hp and the cornering to match? Welcome to the party, pal.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He spent literally decades around Mustangs, but even his most powerful car had less than half the hp of the RTR.



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