The Brute Double Cab Jeep

The folks at Detroit-based American Expedition Conversions understand the concept of balance, so they've recently partnered with Seattle-based Filson to launch the Brute Double Cab Filson Edition, in which they take the Jeep Wrangler and change out just about everything so that it's "more focused on off road/overland expedition functionality, while also happening to look great."

Starting with the interior, they yank out all the normal trim, and replace it with brown Horween leather and Filson's "Rugged Twill" lining for the seats.

Yeah, the hand-sewn center console's got a legit leather snap strap. But also a lock, so when you're in the wilderness no bears can steal your pic-a-nic basket.

Since you can never have too much storage on an excursion, Filson is building this twill storage compartment specifically to fit the Wrangler's frame.

Externally, it's pretty much equal parts Jeep and pickup; they're taking a normal Wrangler Unlimited, painting it a custom shade of green, and adding a state-of-the-art truck bed that doesn't actually contribute anything to the overall weight.

Underneath everything, though, it's kind of a monster. AEV makes most of their own parts, so naturally they're putting their off-road suspension on there, raising the Jeep by over 3.5" for extra clearance over fallen trees/lesser vehicles. They're also beefing it up in areas where most companies don't, so it's got a heat-extracting hood and a serious water pump, ensuring things will never get too hot, unless you toss a Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag in that nice, big truck bed.