This Airstream Van Is Actually A Private Jet In Disguise

The Airstream Autobahn is exactly what happens when you pair Airstream's impeccable styling with Mercedes' lauded engineering. It's on sale now, so if you're looking to impress seriously important clients and have have a spare $135,000 to burn, this is your lucky day.

Every super-comfy seat (apart from the driver’s) has a powered footrest, so you can try your damnedest to use the attached workstation, but you'll still probably just fall asleep, absorbed in complete repose. 

Naturally, there’s a 32 inch LCD TV that’s hooked up to a Blue-Ray player and Apple TV. It’s all controlled via an app on your phone/tablet.

The van's equipped with two deep fridges that can fit loads of 12oz cans. Of soda. Yes, soda. 

As for actually driving this mobile Waldorf, it comes with everything you’d expect in a high-end Mercedes, which means you've got a blind spot monitor, parking assistants, and lane departure warnings.

You know, for when you actually fall asleep in the cush coziness that is the Autobahn.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He suddenly wants to take a nap at 80 mph.