Just Your Average 1,600 HP Island-Hopping Party Yacht

The Alen 55 is a boat designed with a purpose. Rather than make the biggest, most ostentatious boat it could, Alen went with a smaller, 55-foot number that’s suited for island hopping in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Oh but uh, it’s also been loaded up with just about anything you could ask for in a much, much larger yacht.

At its core, the Alen is a state-of-the-art boat with a 55-foot hull comprised entirely of composite materials. It’s powered by pair of giant Volvo truck engines that bring the total horsepower figure to a ridiculous 1,600.

Of course, there’s a gorgeous deck made from teak, and you can order it with a full wet bar to go along with the lounge seating for 16 people.

Head down below deck, though, and the efficiently arranged rooms really make the boat pop. Or float. 

Naturally, there’s a living room. Why wouldn’t there be? There’s also a full shower. 

Also a master bedroom. Sure. 

As one might expect, a boat of this caliber comes with some perks your house doesn’t, like the chance to dip your feet in really blue water, while having a picnic. Don’t think the girl’s included, but hey, maybe?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. The only two reasons he’s hesitant to buy this boat are that he lives in a landlocked city, and he can’t afford it.