The Alpine Defender 90, From Twisted Performance

From the country that uses the wrong lyrics to "My Country, Tis of Thee," Twisted is one of the world's premier Land Rover super-uppers. They're so thorough in their engineering that they're the guys Icon called when they wanted to find a suspension solution on their latest showstopper, and now, you need to meet their Alpine Defender.

Outside, it's covered in this bright snowy Fugi White paint. The headlights are converted to halogen crystals, and the whole thing sits on Twisted's own sport suspension setup to make sure it doesn't get stuck. Anywhere.

The steering wheel's been replaced by a sporty unit from Italy's Momo, the seats are Recaro, and just about every surface not dressed in leather is wrapped in Alcantara. In a word, it's luxurious.

You can get it in either the short (90 inch) or long (110 inch) version of the Defender, and for either, they'll supe it up by about 100 hp, just to make sure you can out run any lions that want to rub themselves all over that wonderful Alcantara.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He actually has the Momo steering wheel, but not the Land Rover.